How to Choose The Perfect Bulk Manpower Recruitment Agency for Your Organisation

MMPL | 31st May, 2022

If you are an organization looking to hire manpower from India, then why not engage an expert bulk manpower recruitment agency. A bulk manpower provider from India will help in sorting the candidates on the basis of their eligibility and qualifications, creating a candidate pool and choosing the best candidates as per your selection criteria. 

Please read below for some suggestions to keep in mind when selecting a bulk manpower provider from India:

Look for a recruitment license

It is very crucial to engage a licensed recruitment agency that believes in maintaining total transparency. In India, only a recruitment agency who has received a recruitment license from the Ministry of External Affairs is legally allowed to carry out the recruitment of blue collared workers. Further the agency must have complete knowledge of local and international recruitment laws to ensure a smooth hiring and deployment process. 

Experience Always Matters 

Look for an agency with sound track record and rich experience. India is a diverse country, an agency with sufficient experience in the market will understand from which part of India to source the right candidate for the correct job role. For example, if a client is looking for a tall security guard with good built and decent English communication skills, one is more likely to find this person in North India. Nurses from South India, Kerela. Hospitality service staff from Uttrakhand or the northeastern states. A bulk manpower recruitment agency with sufficient experience will also have a good database of candidates and a strong network to refer to when sourcing. Moreover, these agencies streamline the entire process of hiring. They can organize recruitment drives across the country and invite their clients to come and select candidates they have pre shortlisted. 

Full Support at Every Step 

Make sure to choose a bulk manpower provider from India that can provide uninterrupted support through the recruitment cycle. The agencies with effective management will have a proper process in place with proposed timelines to organise recruitment drives, carry out documentation process, assist in medical checkups, get the emigration clearance, and arrange tickets. They will stay engaged from departure to deployment.

Training Support 

When sourcing manpower from India, we must understand that they are used to working as per systems, processes, and culture in India. When a candidate goes abroad to work, often for the first time, the experience is very new for him/her. A recruitment agency that can provide a pre-departure briefing to candidates on their job role, company, culture, and norms in the host country they will be working in will benefit the candidate and client. The candidate will arrive aware of his role and what is expected of him. 

Further, any organization that can provide role specific training supported by quality training centres and industry expert trainers is an added advantage. This will ensure the candidate arrives at his / her job destination ready to add value. 

Get Impressed with Ethical Practices 

Choose a firm that firmly believes on being legally and ethically correct in all its activities related to hiring and deploying blue collared workers overseas. We must respect that we are dealing with people’s livelihoods and careers. All international labour laws must be adhered to and candidates should not be exploited. 

One wrong choice can ruin your chances of taking your business to greater heights. Always opt for the right kind of bulk manpower provider from India. If you are looking for a bulk manpower recruitment agency that can fulfill all of the above points and offer better service, please contact Manpasand Manpower (MMPL Global) to know more about our services and standards.

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