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MMPL | 14th July, 2022

In today’s evolving world, change is the only constant and with the gradual expansion of industries, businesses require more and more manpower to meet the growing requirements of the market. While the common saying, ‘plenty of fish in the sea’, points toward having several options available, studies denote that finding the right and trusted candidates can be a daunting task for the companies, if not only costly enough. And having found a few, there always is a lingering doubt about their skills authenticity, background check and stability in the job.

If you too are facing similar issues and would want to simplify the task of finding the right candidates in a cost and time-efficient manner, you have landed in the right place for workforce solutions. Manpasand Manpower Pvt. Ltd. (MMPL) is the answer to all such requirements. MMPL is an international manpower agency that connects leading enterprises in the Middle East and Europe with skilled manpower from the Indian subcontinent. Having placed over 14,000 in 11+ industries, MMPL holds an impressive database of over 1.5 million candidates to choose from. Specializing in manpower solutions, MMPL is licensed by the Ministry of External Affairs, NSDC, Skill India and IISC, and abides by strict compliance with international and local labour laws.

MMPL is a trusted manpower agency that has been serving companies with the right-fit candidates across the Middle East and Europe for over 10 years. Its major clientele includes some of the most premium brands, including,

  • Al Khoory
  • Amazon
  • Arkan
  • Ejadaj
  • Emirates
  • Emirates Flight Catering
  • Rivoli
  • Serco
  • Transguard Group

MMPL serves a number of industries with workforce solutions, namely,

  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Consumer Services
  • E-commerce
  • Facility Management
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • MEP Manpower Services
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail
  • Security Services & Cash Logistics
  • Supply Chain & Warehousing

What makes MMPL the first choice for manpower recruitment for these premium brands overseas?

1. MMPL is one of the only manpower solutions agencies that trains its staff to ensure that the candidates are ready for the job as per the client’s expectations. It has an in-house team to train for 10 professions and access to 100+ training facilities across the country. Furthermore, MMPL offers a Cambridge assessment for English proficiency with skilled trailers for the candidates requiring the said skillset.

2. MMPL has a custom-built Application Tracking Software (ATS) for workforce solutions that enables seamless sourcing, pre-screening interviews, reference checks, documentation verification, English language assessment, training, and candidate welfare till repatriation. All candidates undergo a pre-deployment briefing before departure. The ATS further assists in advising at any given time about the recruitment status, making it a hassle-free hiring / on-boarding experience for both the employer and the employee.

MMPL has remained a trusted workforce solutions provider for over a decade, owing to its precision and transparent approach to providing right-fit candidates.

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