How To Get a Job Abroad With an ECR Passport?

MMPL | 11th May, 2022

There is a high demand for manpower in foreign countries and that certainly attracts the Indian workers to move over there for attractive employment opportunities and significant growth. When it comes to finding jobs abroad (in case of the candidates) or finding the right candidate for the job (in case of the employer), the manpower recruitment consultancy comes into the picture. In India, only an international manpower recruitment agency, registered with the Government of India, holds the right to recruit manpower for foreign countries.

Thinking Getting a Job Abroad?

If you are a blue-collared worker and are planning to work in a foreign country, then there are Indian Laws in place to make sure that you do not get duped or cheated. These laws protect you from fraudulent practices, human trafficking or exploitation, while safeguarding your rights.

Understanding ECR

The office of Protector of Emigrants, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, has placed certain citizens in the Emigration Check Required (ECR) category to protect them against all types of possible exploitation. If you are a blue collared worker who has not passed 10th grade/class or is unable to produce a certificate for higher education or is less skilled or unskilled, then your passport will be issued with an ‘Emigration Check Required’ (ECR) remark.

The Importance of Emigration Clearance

If you have an ECR passport, before you travel abroad to certain countries or places for employment, you will be required to obtain an ‘Emigration Clearance’ from any of the offices of POE and a manpower recruitment consultancy can help you in getting that done.

Emigration clearance (EC) is a safety measure to verify the offered salary, working terms and conditions of the employment contract and credentials of a foreign employer, and many other factors on your behalf. You can get the emigration clearance individually, but the most convenient and safest option is to get it done by an overseas manpower recruitment consultancy. After getting an approval, you will receive a clearance letter for your smooth mobilisation to another country. The clearance letter also needs to be produced at the immigration points of every Indian airport for verification purposes.

Procedure that Employers Follow to Recruit Manpower

Certain guidelines have been set by the Indian Government for overseas employers to benefit the employers as well as the workforce. If an employer wishes to use a manpower recruitment consultancy, the following steps need to be addressed:

Manpower recruitment consultancy

Role of a Manpower Recruitment Consultancy in Emigration Clearance

The overseas recruitment agency can help you in getting the Emigration Clearance, easily and swiftly. Getting the Emigration Clearance ensures that you emigrate safely, after appropriate skill development and pre-departure orientation. Once the employer gets the approval, the manpower recruitment consultancy takes full charge of recruiting and training the manpower, while conducting interviews, emigration clearances and deployment of candidates.

In order to get Emigration Clearance, the Recruiting Agent needs to submit an affidavit confirming the following:

  • That employment visa of the worker, issued as per the given details is genuine and valid for the mentioned period
  • Details of the worker
  • That the worker has been recruited on receipt of the Demand Letter and Power of Attorney from the employer
  • That the worker will only be deployed to the employer for whom he/she has been recruited
  • That the worker is fit for the job he/she is being employed for
  • That the worker shall be paid minimum salary and be governed by the minimum standard of the condition of employment
  • That the female worker shall not be deployed as a maidservant or domestic worker
  • That the Recruiting Agent will be responsible for the worker found to be unfit on reaching the country of employment
  • That the worker applied for jobs abroad is actually skilled or semi-skilled and not an unskilled worker, agricultural labour, farmworker or housemaid
  • That the emigrant knows the ground realities of the country he/she is ready to move to
  • That a thorough medical check-up of the worker has been done
  • That the worker has signed the employment contract

All these confirmations, along with many other formalities are completed by the Recruiting Agent to get the Emigration Clearance for a blue-collared worker like you!

So, while you get ready to move abroad for work, take a wise step and choose a reliable international manpower recruitment consultancy like MMPL for streamlining the entire process for you. This will negate the chances of getting duped, cheated or exploited, while increasing the chances of you enjoying a brighter future.

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