3 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Bulk Manpower Recruitment Agency

MMPL | 22nd April, 2022

Looking to appoint a bulk manpower recruitment agency to hire manpower from India? Here are a few things you must keep in mind:

1. Always choose a licensed recruitment company

There are several options for bulk manpower recruitment agencies in India. You must note that only a licensed agency is legally allowed to conduct the recruitment of manpower from India. The Ministry of External Affairs, India grants all licenses for overseas recruitment.

A recruitment agency must first clear all legal requirements. Only then, they are awarded the license. They can then contact companies abroad to supply workers. Companies can also request recruitment of manpower from them.

2. Know your responsibilities

As an employer looking to hire manpower from India, you must know the following steps:

  • First, you must register your requirement with the Indian High Commission in your country
  • You may do this by visiting – www.eMigrate.gov.in  and completing all the formalities
  • Submit the necessary documents, as required to the Indian Mission in your country
  • Await the approval from the Indian Government
  • Once your requirement is approved, you can then raise a demand for hiring workers from a manpower recruitment agency

Include the following in the demand letter:

  • Required categories of manpower
  • The number of workers for each category on the eMigrate system in favor of licensed manpower recruitment consultancy

After this, a DM number will be generated. This will come with a demand letter & power of attorney. The overseas recruitment agency will then acknowledge the demand on the e-Migrate system.

Important points to note

The ‘e-Migrate’ system functions under the Protector General of Emigration. This regulates the overseas employment of workers. One of the reasons this has been created is to protect the blue-collar workers who often are less educated. There are workers who have not passed their 10th grade. Some can simply not produce matriculation or higher education pass certificates. They’re all put under the ‘Emigration Check Required’ category for passports. Hence, there are many candidates who have an ECR passport. They must seek emigration clearance from the Office of the Protector of Emigrants (POE). Without a clearance, they’re not allowed to leave India. The government has identified 18 countries as ‘Emigration Check Required’ countries. An ECR passport holder can get a job in these 18 countries through:

  • a licensed recruitment agency,
  • a job listing on the ‘e-migrate’ system.

A licensed recruitment agency can apply for an emigration clearance for a candidate recruited against valid positions as mentioned on-demand letter. This allows the candidate to travel hassle-free for a job overseas.

3.Understand the entire process of entering into a contract

Below is the process of entering into a contract with a licensed manpower recruitment consultancy:

  • The overseas recruitment agency enters into a contract with the client/employer.
  • They both principally agree on terms of recruitment.
  • The employer registers their requirement for manpower on the ‘e-migrate’ system.
  • Next, the e-migrate portal generates a DM number. This is done once the employer’s demand for manpower is approved. The employer shares the DM number and system-generated Demand Letter & Power of Attorney with the licensed recruitment agency.
  • Lastly, the manpower recruitment consultancy acknowledges the demand in the ‘e-migration system’

Parties generally, consider the procedure complete after these steps. The overseas recruitment company then proceeds with:

  • conducting the interview,
  • emigration clearance, and,
  • deployment of candidates

Benefits of working with a licensed recruitment agency:

Reputed companies generally work only with licensed agencies.  A legally permitted ethical company will take all steps to apply on the ‘e-migrate’ website. And, will raise a demand letter after approvals. Both the employer and the agency must adhere to the laws. All this is important to protect the interests of the candidates. Candidates can also be confident that they will get a job with a reliable company.

Additionally, a licensed recruitment agency will only charge a nominal fee from the candidate. So, you must always hire a licensed agency for all bulk manpower hiring from India.

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